March Wellness Calendar for HR Leaders

As people responsible for other people, prioritising your own resilience and wellbeing is critical. You are the lynchpin in your world, and if you allow it to burn out, the whole system will suffer. Never forget this.
12 months ago at the start of the pandemic, our very own Lawrence Mitchell wrote an article here that still holds true. His suggested coping strategies remain completely relevant for today, and the optimism he has for tomorrow is finally resonating, as we stand on the threshold of post-lockdown life.
'If we can ride through the stormy seas, leaving behind the things that haven't served us, we will arrive in the future in a better place.'
This year, he has gone one step further and created a ‘March Wellness Calendar’  working in collaboration with SingularityU Australia. The aim is to make it as easy as possible for people to create and sustain, daily routines that support their mental resilience and wellness.
The calendar features a range of simple micro activities that you can try each day to impact your mindset, sleep, nutrition, movement and energy.

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