Workplace 2025: A glimpse into the future

2025 may seem a long way away, but the preparations for the workplace of the future must begin now. The next decade will see nothing short of a revolution take place in the way that we work – from the technology that we use, to the people we employ, to where in the world we decide to work. A lot of what will become the norm, is today unthinkable.

The revolution is inevitable, and it is critical that organizations start laying the foundations for this world now or they will not be prepared for the change.

In particular, this White Paper focuses on the following five key areas of change:

1. “The Lifestyle Workplace” (Social change)
2. “The Intelligent Workplace” (Technology change)
3. “The Low-Impact Workplace” (Environmental change)
4. “The Boundary-less Workplace”(Business & Industry change)
5. “The Cross-Generational Workplace”(Demographic change)

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