Learn how to BE: Tradition meets Science

Traditional meets Scientific in this fascinating interview with Simon Borg-Olivier, who is a master in a plethora of traditional practises, including yoga, meditation, mysticism and other Eastern pracices, who also has 3 degrees including Molecular Biology, Exercise Physiotherapy and Physiology!

Simon teaches us how to BE, on the most fundamental of levels. How to control the very nature of our blood flow, heart rate and parasympathetic nervous system. Yes, this is all in our gift. He posits the idea that we can all be supernatural, if we learned the techniques. This interview may need to be listened to more than once to truly grasp a fraction of the learnings that Simon has blessed us with.

From this podcast, you will learn:
– How to BE
– How to fully connect to yourself, to others and to the Universe
– The secret to full relaxation
– Getting into the flow state or ‘zone’
– The ideal posture
– The importance of movement, and how to bring movement into our lives (and what not to do)

You can also hear more from Simon at The ANZ Wellbeing @ Work Summit between 19-21 October.

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