Workplace Ping Pong Anyone?

Ping Pong is a proven, cost effective approach to wellbeing in the workplace.  Providing both a physical and mental workout, table tennis provides a fun reason for employees to step away from their desks, engage with colleagues and get moving.

Research carried out by Table Tennis England and Loughborough University has found that table tennis:

  1. Provides the perfect break at lunch time

Employees predominantly played table tennis in their lunchbreak as a way to take a break from their work, destress and unwind, as well as using it as a place to catch up with colleagues. The great thing about table tennis is that it can be played anywhere and in normal work clothes and even if staff feel stretched to take a full lunch break, they can still fit a game into whatever time they have available.

  1. Improves mood and wellbeing

People who played table tennis in the workplace reported better overall mood and wellbeing compared to those who didn’t.  This finding is significant and indicates the wider advantages of table tennis and how it can contribute to a more relaxed, pleasant working environment.

  1. Increases job satisfaction, competence in the workplace and connectivity amongst colleagues

Those who regularly played table tennis experienced significantly higher job satisfaction than those who didn’t, reported greater competence in the workplace and connected better with colleagues.

  1. Improves co-ordination, aids creativity and keeps the brain sharp

Dubbed ‘high-speed chess’, table tennis improves co-ordination, aids creativity and keeps the brain sharp and research has even shown playing can improve memory function.

“Ping pong is an activity that anyone can play regardless of age or ability that fosters inclusivity and aids team-building – not just in-house but potentially with clients, suppliers and neighbouring businesses” Sara Sutcliffe, CEO of Table Tennis England.

Table Tennis England are rapidly expanding their workplace product across the country and are keen for even more companies to enjoy the benefits that the activity has to offer. Loop at Work provides businesses with everything they need to introduce and embed table tennis at very little cost.

Here is what Loop at Work businesses have to say about introducing ping pong to their workplace:

“Encourages team building and also gives a message out to my staff that I value their health and well-being” Stonehouse Projects

 “It has added something new to engage the workforce here” 4way Solutions

“Shows that I care about the health and well-being of my staff”  Litetask

“A great way to ‘de-stress’ and forget about the pressure of work“  Insight UK

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