Harnessing Strengths at Work

Everyone has strengths and the potential to develop them to be the best they can be.

Research shows that knowing and growing our strengths helps us feel energised and engaged. We learn faster, perform better and strive to do our best every day.

When those strengths are harnessed and combined with others' great results inevitably follow. It's a win for the individuals whose strengths are realised and leveraged—and a win for their organisation, managers and teams.

This eBook introduces you to some of the most practical and researchbacked ways to realise your strengths to achieve better performance, satisfaction and fulfillment at work. It also shares strengths-based strategies to bring out the best in people you work with, coach and lead.

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    The Langley Group is a leading consulting and people development company. We apply positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience to build positive organisations and leaders and get the best from people.

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