Canadian Leadership Round Table Discussion

Virtual Round Table Discussion, October 14 @ 11am PST / 2pm ET

Future of work: Best practices for HR leaders to create an effective workplace disability management program.

With mental health issues on the rise in employment settings, it’s more important than ever for HR leaders to find preventative solutions that allow people to stay healthy at work, but also to integrate suitable solutions that allow employees on disability leave to return to the workplace effectively. Absenteeism is decreasing productivity substantially for large organizations across Canada. However, with the correct framework, implementing a robust disability management program can be highly successful.

This roundtable hosted by Starling Minds will bring together senior HR leaders from large employers across Canada, providing the opportunity to share knowledge and insights as well as discussing the following topics and key questions:

  • Best practices for managing absence and disability management programs.
  • How effective are EAPs for addressing employee mental health issues?
  • Best resources and treatment options to shorten the duration of STD claims.
  • What are the biggest frustrations with managing mental health disability claims?
  • How is success measured for absence and disability management programs?
  • What strategies should be used to ensure a return-to-work from a mental health leave is sustainable?

Join us in this executive roundtable and hear from industry peers on how to effectively manage absence and disability within large organizations.

Places are strictly for HR leaders and very limited. To attend, please email

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