Put your own oxygen mask on first

It's time to put your own oxygen mask on. Building strength and resilience will equip you to lead in times of change, and to support others.


'If you feel well, you work well' ~ Innerfit.


What about all those whose wellbeing you are responsible for? Think of pre-flight safety instructions, put your own oxygen mask on before helping others. Work is no different, you need to be physically and mentally well to be able to help colleagues in your workplace effectively without experiencing adverse side effects.


You may have a lot on your plate right now, everybody wants a piece of you and you are keeping a lot of balls in the air. Studies suggest only 2% of us can multi-task with any degree of effectiveness. Remind yourself, at any one time you can only have one top priority, decide on what that priority is and focus purely on that until completion. The rest can wait. This is more than just an effective way of working, it is a great mindset hack to protect mental health.


Take positive steps to look after your mental and physical wellbeing and build them into your schedule. This needs to be a commitment to long term health, there are plenty of short term fixes out there, but we are looking for a healthy and happy work life, now and in the future.


This year's CIPD Health and Wellbeing Report confirmed what you probably suspected. The top two causes of workplace stress are workload, and how we are managed. While stress is on the radar for more organisations, and many are taking initiatives to reduce it, stress-related absence has increased. We need to understand what is really happening and respond with sustainable, effective solutions.


It is proven that we are far more likely to stick to goals if they are written down.


Step 1:  Download and print off the Innerfit Reflection Note, we support you to build resilience and strengthen your own wellbeing.

Step 2: Spend a couple of minutes hearing what 'putting your own oxygen mask on first' means in practice and how you can expect to benefit.

Innerfit Founder Chris is speaking about 'Leading Team Wellbeing With Confidence' at the Wellbeing @ Work Summit on 5th November. The talk will provide ways to build resilience by taking positive steps to boost your own wellbeing leading to a happier, healthier and more productive you.

Take a moment to reflect and download your editable Wellbeing Reflection Note for FREE below. Included are some thought provoking questions designed to help you put yourself first, and help your team

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