Equilibrium Part Two: Mindset & Emotional Wellbeing

The second part of Equilibrium is now available, taking your wellbeing journey to the next level. This time, the focus is on Mindset & Emotional Wellbeing.

What's inside:
  • The what, the why and the how of mindfulness from resilience and mindfulness specialist Chibs Okereke
  • How vagus nerve stimulation can help with stress, digestion and chronic disease, by Sam Minkin, one of only a handful of vagus nerve practitioners in the world
  • Ways to achieve emotional and mental clarity by Medicine Man founder, Benjamin Haynes
  • Emotions translator Lisa Jayne inspires us to live our lives through our hearts
  • How to look after your gut microbiome to support your mental wellbeing by nutritionist and coach Ashleigh James
  • We also have a fascinating personal story from Oier Ruiz Trevino who moved his family from a Sydney city life to a small hobby farm in the Blue Mountains to improve his wellbeing and live his dream!
  • And more!

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