Equilibrium Part Three: Connections

Out of all the tools in our wellbeing toolkit, Connection is the one that is bubbles to the top. We are all connected to each other whether we are aware of it or not. Something occurs in Wuhan in China and the next minute we are all in lockdown, leveraging technology to connect to each other.

Connection is a huge topic. It is easy to forget, but we are nature and we need and rely on other people and
the natural ecosystem to survive and to thrive.

Not only are we are all connected to each other but we are also connected to other forms of nature. To think otherwise is a mistake. A drop in the ocean is still the ocean. We are not separate from the earth, we are part of the earth, and if you do the right thing for the earth, she will look after you. As history has taught us, the more disconnected we become from natural cycles, the sicker we become.

At times, we may feel that we are better or more superior than nature. We treat animals dreadfully in wet markets, we disregard the knowledge and wisdom of indigenous people who understand and work with the earth, we abuse our bodies with dead chemicalised food, we pour chemicals on the earth and in the oceans and then wonder why our immune systems become compromised and why natural catastrophes are becoming regular occurrences.

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