There's no doubt our modern world is exposing us to increasing incivility in politics and society – both at home and around the globe.

Thankfully, fewer than one in twenty of us report experiencing regular interactions that are toxic (EEK & SENSE, Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey 2019, n =2000).

Nightmare leaders and their horror traits are headline-grabbing, but it's the altogether more ordinary (and in many ways less noticeable) behaviours that are the most common cause of long-term wear and tear.

We can group these behaviours under the umbrella of 'workplace incivility'.

Whilst out-and-out toxicity may be mercifully rare, the incidence of political shenanigans is not – half of all leaders say that the politics at work detract from their wellbeing.

Take a closer look at what's going on and get our '10 steps for improving your own personal civility index' in this report

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