Wellbeing and wellness in the UAE – just part of the ‘employee experience’

In the ever-evolving world of recruitment communications, organisations like Havas People are constantly having to re-evaluate their service offering and create a point of difference in what is a crowded and competitive marketplace.  It’s not just about latching onto the next big thing either; it’s about a genuine interest in the way the world of work is changing and, in particular, the relationship between employees and their employers.


This is especially relevant in a market like the UAE which in some ways is more advanced than the West – how many other countries have a Minister for Happiness for example? However, in other areas it has some catching up to do and one such area is wellbeing.  When I arrived here about 4 years ago, the subject wasn’t even on the agenda but in the last 12 months alone, I have attended a number of events where it has been absolutely front and centre.  Those events have been characterised by senior executives and well-known personalities getting up on stage to talk about their own battles with depression and other mental illnesses and espousing the mantra of ‘it’s ok to be not ok’.


So how does this fit in with what we are talking to our clients about? Our proposition has shifted from a transactional model to much more of a consultancy model where we look at the ‘employee experience’ in its totality.  How do candidates feel about the employers they want to work for? How do they engage in a conversation with them? How does the interview process stack up? What’s the onboarding process like? What’s the reality of the day to day working experience? How are their physical and emotional needs catered for in the workplace? Can they learn and develop in their role? And ultimately, would they actively recommend the employer to their friends and acquaintances?


Our aim is to enable organisations to deliver a positive experience to their candidates and employees which will, at the same time, deliver tangible ROI in terms of bottom line impact. To do that, we offer practical, hands-on support and the physical creative outputs to help clients execute effective communications strategies.


In order to explore all these issues in more detail, we are partnering with the Wellbeing at Work Event in Dubai on 19th February, where we will be running a Havas People masterclass during the afternoon session focusing on the Employee Experience. To register your place Click Here or for more information on the Havas People Workshop and your dedicated discount code, please contact Paul Turner paul.turner@havasme.com


We look forward to seeing you there!

Havas People UAE

Havas People UAE

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