As part of the Wellbeing @ Work event in Sydney event last week GLWS co-founder, Audrey McGibbon, chaired the leader’s panel interviewing Luke Bayliss CEO of Sumo Salad, Michael Ferguson CFO of Downer Group and Berkeley Cox, Chief Executive Partner of King Wood Mallesons (KWM Australia). It was a hugely insightful session with Audrey also sharing some new data revealing the importance of leader-led wellbeing. You can read her full insights here.

Audrey was also recently a guest on Murray Wright’s Leadership Moments podcast.
She spoke in detail about her career, the creation of GLWS in response to a crisis of conscience, and discussed how leader wellbeing and performance go hand in hand.

In the interview Audrey discusses:

  • How to spot a ‘well’ leader compared to an unwell one
  • Why the absence of ill health is not the same as having high levels of wellbeing
  • How much of our own wellbeing is up to the choices that we make (which might surprise you)
  • Wellbeing ‘assets’ that most senior leaders enjoy
  • Wellbeing ‘liabilities’ associated with being a leader
  • Everyday tips for better wellbeing

You can listen to the full audio over on the GLWS blog here.

Finally, if you would like to know more about how the GLWS could help your organisation improve wellbeing, please keep an eye out for our next email with details of a great offer exclusive to the Wellbeing @ Work Sydney attendees.

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