Thanks to a series of high-profile cases, the subsequent and growing momentum of the #MeToo movement, a requirement from regulators that organisations take action, and a growing realisation that the next generation of talent in every sector is entering the workforce with changed expectations about how they should be treated in the workplace, employers are waking up to the scale and impact of sexual harassment and beginning to review (and hopefully improve) their policies and procedures. So far, so HR.

But #MeToo isn’t just about sexual harassment and it isn’t an issue that should only concern HR. These issues also have significant implications for wellbeing provision across organisations. Not only do employers have a duty of care to ensure anyone who experiences sexual harassment at work has access to excellent resources and support. Employers also need to recognise that #MeToo is a movement of people who have raised expectations about how they should be supported with their experiences of sexual violence and an increased willingness to ask for the help they need.

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