Wellbeing and mental health in the workplace are now recognised to be of key strategic importance for a successful business, which is fantastic to see. It’s always been our mission to provide global insight, intelligence and action on the latest developments in this area, putting employee wellbeing at the heart of business strategy, helping businesses create thriving workplaces.


Although we are seeing great progress, particularly in Europe, there is still plenty more work to do. So what can we expect from 2020 and what five workplace wellbeing initiatives will we see taking centre stage? We asked a selection of experts from the Middle East region for their thoughts on workplace wellbeing initiatives to take forward into 2020. You can see them all in action at our next Wellbeing @ Work event in Dubai:


1. Job fulfilment and sense of purpose is key


“With a paradigm shift from wellness to well-being, there is a spotlight on emotional and mental health, financial literacy, sense of purpose and job fulfilment as part of the employee experience. By stimulating a positive employee experience and career journey, HR practitioners can facilitate employee well-being and ultimately retain a dedicated workforce for powering sustainable and profitable growth that would benefit all stakeholders!” Murali Krishnan, Director of Human Resources, Byrne Group


2. Take a holistic, broader approach to wellbeing


“Workplace wellbeing is a broad subject and many organizations are still only focusing on 2-3 areas when a more holistic and strategic approach has proven results across the world. Awareness has been built and now a strong focus on prevention must be the next step to create workplaces where employees thrive.

Successful companies are creating winning cultures that allow employee wellbeing to be at the heart of an organisation’s overall strategy and by covering all areas of wellbeing, you can truly make a huge impact and stay ahead of the curve. All individuals are different, and we all need to look at a broader approach to satisfy everyone’s needs and ensure employees thrive in the workplace”

Chris Cummings, CEO of Wellbeing @ Work Events


3. Support and prioritise mental health


“Employees’ overall wellbeing is critical to any transformation or organisational change. At Chalhoub Group, we think that positive mental health is a very important factor in building an agile and high-performing team. We should support and prioritize the mental health of our employees just like what we do for their physical health. This is how we can truly make an impact for our people and our business” explains Florencio Padilla, Head of People Experience, Chalhoub Group


4. Embed wellbeing within your business culture, through policy and process.
“Begin by understanding if there is work related stress (then go ahead and investigate cause and effect: under staffing, over work, etc.) then align the outcomes of this to your workforce planning objectives. This can help address mental and emotional wellbeing objectives.


Don’t stop at just physical wellbeing by doing once a year activities, instead chart out a calendar and mix it up, linking activities to everyone’s KPIs and make it a part of your DNA/culture;


Consider doing away archaic policies and promote flexi-work practices this builds a better rapport with the employees and also adds to your Employee Value Proposition” advises Rohit Manucha, Head of HR, Aujan Coca Cola


5. Work on all pillars of wellbeing

Our founder Chris adds, “creating a comprehensive wellbeing programme that focuses on all areas will ensure your prevention strategy is a success. Alongside the critical area of mental health in the workplace, ensure that some of the key causes are actioned including financial wellbeing, nutrition, physical exercise, workspaces and environment, a flexible approach to working and a winning culture that encourages openness and understanding.”


For more actionable insight, wellbeing strategies and an opportunity to learn from experts and their peers about the latest wellbeing developments, sign up for our next event in Dubai or check out our calendar for 2020.

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