What you can do now to boost wellbeing in a time of uncertainty?

We are now just over a month into 2019, and the only thing that remains consistent this year is ongoing uncertainty and the levels of worry than run alongside it. Whilst most people feel that high pressure and uncertainty pushes them to perform, we also tend to forget that this sustained pressure and feeling of uncertainty can actually be detrimental to individual performance and impact a company’s bottom line (read this 2015 HBR article for an overview of the hidden costs of high pressure environments, and the benefits of a more positive culture.)

A key area to focus on to improve levels of wellbeing and performance in the workplace is building high quality relationships. There is a lot of evidence for the benefits of building relationships at work – most motivation theories contain relationships at the core (e.g. Self-Determination Theory, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs), supportive relationships can reduce stress levels and improve collaboration leading to better overall team performance (for more information read Jane Dutton’s research on High Quality Connections).

The upcoming webinar on 21 March Uncertainty and Wellbeing: How are your people coping? will give you the time to step back and take a strategic view on issues we are all facing and confidence to make immediate impact through relationships at individual, team and organisational levels.

So what can you do right now to strengthen relationships internally?

March 21st might feel like a critical period for uncertainty and a long time to wait to get these fantastic insights.

Quick wins:

  • Set yourself a daily (or weekly) check-in on the activities below:
    • Scan your immediate work environment now. Notice the people sitting around you – who might seem like they are struggling right now? How can you make yourself available to them to listen, show empathy, and show compassion?
    • Check in with Are you in a place where you can make yourself available to others? Which person/people at work can you go and talk to now?
  • Read our article on why you need friends at work
  • Read our recent article on PsyCap, and gain some more quick-wins on developing work relationships with Psychological Capital

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