Become a certified emotional wellbeing practitioner

Are you based in Asia and interested in becoming a certified emotional wellbeing practitioner and be part of a movement to create more mindful and emotionally intelligent workplaces across the region?

We are pleased to inform you of a special 25% discount using the code WOWGENOS for the Genos certified course. Click here for further details on the course.

The business case for emotional intelligence (EI)

In the workplaces of many countries, more mental injuries are being filed than physical injuries. Levels of EI positively correlate with levels of Resilience and negatively correlate with levels of Occupational Stress. People with high EI feel less stressed and are more resilient at work. Leaders with high EI lead teams who report feeling more positive and fewer negative emotions at work. Experts consistently recommend enhancing EI competencies in leaders as part of an overall strategy towards building a mentally healthy workplace.

Who is the programme for?

If you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, learning & O/D professional, human resource consultant, or an organisational psychologist, the Genos Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Programme will dramatically enhance your credentials and credibility by making you an expert in applying Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the workplace. Genos helps professionals apply core emotional intelligence skills that enhance their self-awareness, empathy, leadership and resilience proven to enhance the quality of their relationships, decision making and positively impact bottom and top line performance.

(ICF Coaches receive 10 Core Competency hours & 4 Resource Development hours.)

Upcoming programme (Jan 2021)

Attend 6 x 2 hour live virtual facilitated sessions from 18th January – 3rd February 2021 (every Mondays and Wednesdays, 6.30-8.30pm Hong Kong/Singapore time)


25% special discount* – code ‘WOWGENOS’

*Discounts cannot be combined

Registration deadline: 4th January 2020

To book in a 30-min complimentary consultation call today, email



Endorsed by Daniel Goldman and developed by Dr Ben Palmer and Swinburne University business school in 2002, GENOS initially launched in the Australian market backed by extensive evidence-based research. GENOS has grown to be one of the best emotional intelligence solution providers worldwide. One of the few providers to be reviewed and approved by Daniel Goleman’s Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organisations (CREIO). GENOS is an official ICF business partner and have been named ‘Top assessment and evaluation company’ by Training Industry 3 years in a row.

About the hosting and facilitation team

Black Dog Consultants

A unique network of training, facilitation and coaching consultants at your fingertips, specialising in the Asia Pacific Market since 2008. Black Dog Consultants has been an authorised master distributor and partner of GENOS catering to the Asian region since 2018. Our clients have access to 80 certified Genos practitioners through our associate network.

Resilio is Black Dog Consultants’ sister company and officially launched June 2020. Resilio exists to ignite organisations who want to operate with empathy and nurture relationships that build enduring commitment. We are a learning consultancy focused on shaping more human conversations in the workplace. We co-create solutions with our clients, designed to help leaders shift the way they think about designing positive, resilient workplace cultures and customer experiences.

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