The challenges you face now are unprecedented, you haven't trained for them, or had a trial run, neither have your colleagues.

Innerfit's regular work with HR professionals has armed us with a wealth of resources. The workshops we have carried out with companies through Covid-19 have given us valuable insight. We believe if you feel well, you work well and we are changing working lives for the better across London. Here, we share our knowledge and experience with you to help you lead through changing times.

Think about the changes you and your team have experienced in the last six months. There will be changes for the better as well as those that presented challenges. Many of these would have been impossible to predict.

Aon's 2019 survey proved that 96% of employers see the direct correlation between employee health, wellbeing and performance. However, seeing it, and acting on it are two separate things. Since workplace wellbeing's profile has been significantly raised by Covid-19, employers and employees recognised that 'tick box' or short term solutions are simply inadequate. Long term wellbeing solutions drive sustainable change, increase productivity, reduce absence and improve recruitment and retention. Now more than ever, the validity of investment in wellbeing is appreciated. Lockdown has given us 'Licence to Change', it appears that 90% of UK CEOs are carrying out wellbeing initiatives (PWC 2020). Are you?

Take positive steps to look after your mental and physical wellbeing and build them into your schedule. This must be a commitment to long term health. Writing down your aims makes them far more likely to happen, we would encourage you to do that now.

Step 1:  Print off the Innerfit Reflection Note, we support you to build resilience and strengthen your own wellbeing.

Step 2: Spend a couple of minutes with Chris who shares the experience of what works to create a happy, healthy and productive team.

Innerfit Founder Chris is speaking about 'Leading Team Wellbeing With Confidence' at the Wellbeing @ Work Summit on 5th November. The talk will include ways to build resilience by taking positive steps to boost wellbeing for yourself and your team leading to a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

Take a moment to reflect and download your editable Wellbeing Reflection Note for FREE below. Included are some thought-provoking questions designed to help you put yourself first, and help your team

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