Financial Wellbeing employee webinars

Morrinson Wealth Wellbeing are pleased to offer those in our network a substantial saving on MWW’s financial education webinars.

Morrinson Wealth Wellbeing works in partnership with employers across the UK to support their workforce’s financial wellbeing by diffusing confusion, dispelling concerns and encouraging greater employee consciousness around money.

The offer:

Sign up for two financial wellbeing webinars today and get a third thrown in for free (regular price £750+VAT) – total cost for three webinars = £1500+VAT.

You can choose from the following paid webinars!

Sign up now

Free Webinar – Planning for Financial Security 

Led by a financial expert, the webinar will guide your employees through financial tips, hints and best practice.

It will provide relevant support for your employees at this time through:

  • Contingency planning
  • Redundancy & reduction in household income
  • Changing protection insurance requirements
  • Financial first aid and budgeting
  • Managing existing investments

Note: The webinars will be delivered between now until December 2021, however final payment will not be due until one month prior to each webinar date.

Financial issues are a huge concern for your employees today – many of whom have little or no savings, are weighed down by debt and have no confidence when it comes to managing their finances. The pressures of the Christmas period will likely increase these stressors further.

Sign up now or for further details head to the Morrinson Wealth Wellbeing website here.

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