The Changing Landscape of Internal Communications

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Free Webinar on October 23, 2019 @ 12pm ET.

The world has changed, and we are firmly in the age of the employee. Employees have access to a wider variety and greater number of jobs than ever before. They’re also seeking something more from work – they want to be inspired. Cultural and technological advancements are shifting employee’s expectations in the workplace.

What does that mean for your internal communications strategy?

To develop and support engaged and productive employees, employers need to move away from an organization-centric lens to an employee-centric lens.

In this webinar, we’ll explore drivers of change impacting internal communications and how to evolve your organizations’ internal communications strategy from traditional to today’s best practices for the changing world of work.

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Tim Middleton, Agency Director, Havas People

Tim Middleton, Agency Director, Havas People

I love culture, I love brands and I love how tightly interwoven they both are!

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23rd October 2019
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